Jeff Parker and Ken Hale on Gorilla Man and the End of Atlas



Today at ComicsAlliance, I’ve not only got an exlcusive preview of Gorilla Man #1, I’ve also got an interview with the star, Gorilla Man himself! We chit chat about what he’ll be up to in his new series, the perils of working with Atlas, and my own deep-rooted hatred of centaurs.

And speaking of the perils of working with Atlas, I also do some talking to writer Jeff Parker, and unfortunately break some very sad news about one of my favorite comics. So give it a read!

ComicsAlliance: The Strangest Moments of the Doom Patrol



Today on ComicsAlliance, I do my best to prepare you for this week’s release of Doom Patrol (v.5) #1 by recounting twelve of the team’s most bizarre moments!

As you might expect, there’s a lot from the Grant Morrison run, which reveled in surreality more than anything else he’s done, but I also made sure to include a hefty selection from the original run, which was only surpassed in terms of craziness by Haney’s Metamorpho and Kanigher’s Metal Men. In any case, it’s one of my favorite series, and it was fun to take a look back.

So head over there and check out what I picked out as the epitome of craziness for the strangest team of all, and if you’ve got a favorite, leave it in the comments section over there. After all, I’m pretty sure there’s enough weirdness in that book to go around.

¡Cinco de Mayo con El Gorgo!

¡Bienvenidos a otro del Cinco de Mayo en la ISB!

Esto no sorprende a nadie, pero cuando pienso en Mexico, mi pensamiento se dirige de inmediato a las obras de arte de la Lucha Libre, y cuando pienso de luchadores, creo que de un solo hombre:



¡Si, El Gorgo! El gorila guitarrista super científico protagonista de la cómic fantástica de Mike McGee y Tamas Jakab, que me envió este increíble dibujo con mi copia de la primera edición.

Verdaderamente, una gorila luchador tirar los cuernos del diablo es el mayor de vista la humanidad ha imaginado.

¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo, todos!

Action Age Comics Presents: EXTERMINAPE!

Start your week with… the Action Age!



Click above to read Exterminape: The Trailer, a six-page story by Chris Sims, Matthew Allen Smith, and Benjamin Birdie!

In the grand tradition of Rex Mantooth, Kirk Madge and El Gorgo comes Teddy Crane, the World’s Greatest Gorilla Hitman, in a new apesploitation extravaganza scientifically designed to punch your brain in the face!