49 thoughts on “Birthweek ’09: It’s My Birthday!

  1. Happy Birthday! And, from celebrating my own birthday last week, let me offer you a piece of advice that stuck with me from that night: anyone who dares you to eat an entire slice of pizza in one bite may not have your best interests at heart.

  2. Chris, for your birthday I purchased for you the entire 26 volume “New York Edition” of the Novels and Tales of Henry James, the legendary collection published from 1907-09 on handmade Japon paper, finely bound in full brick morocco, with the frontispiece to each volume in gravure by Alvin Langdon Coburn. These richly imagined works by the finest stylist of the 20th Century should inspire you to —

    Actually I got you Pootie Tang.

  3. Happy Birthday Sims with one M.

    My Birthday is today (the 13th) and my birthday week always sucks a little because you take the week off.
    Seriously, you may never know how important a daily shot of comic humor can be for the mental health of your readers.

    I would totally kick one of your enemies in the face for you.

  4. Happy Birthday, Chris! I was going to bake you cake in the shape of Batman tossing a car battery but I then realized I can neither bake nor have your address.

  5. Happy Birffday, Chris. May your celebrations be long and devoid of shoddily baked sheet cake.

  6. Happy birthday Chris. May your day be filled with Batman throwing car batteries at common thugs.

  7. Feliz Cumpleaños, Señor Sims!

    When I become a rich bastard, Ill travel to your country and buy you a giant cake in the shape of a car battery.

  8. Happy birthday to you, sir. I suggest you openly indulge in every childish whim you may think off, because soon you will have to hide your hobbies from society, that harsh mistress, in order to masquerade as an adult.

    Also, start thinking on the celebrations of your 30th anniversary. Chromed cover? Crossover with other birthday people? Costume change?

  9. Happy birthday my fellow LEO!

    I hope it’ a good one, even if we are cursed to have our birthdays in a month where the sun is ACTIVELY TRYING TO KILL US.

    I hope you celebrate it by heaving a car battery at someone.

  10. ..

    Happy, happy, crazy man. Everyone grows OLD, but no one EVER has to grow UP.

    I STILL expect to be a cowboy.

    Or an astronaut.


  11. Happy birthday!

    Just this once, can you have a birthday without getting into a huge karate fight with mafia hoods while waist-deep in suds at a car wash?

    Well, at least try.

  12. Happy Birthday, Mr. Sims.

    I haven’t got anything witty to share- just my gratitude for the laughter you’ve inspired in my peers and myself.

    -Citizen Scribbler

  13. Happy Birthday.
    It’s Your Birthday.
    Sorrow Sickness and Despair
    People Dying Everywhere
    But it’s your Birthday
    So Happy Birthday.

    Thanks for the hits, keep destroying your SAN so we don’t have to. :)

  14. I have no witticisms to impart, just best wishes on your birthday and a hope you enjoy many more.

  15. Happy Birthday Chris!

    Thank you for all the awesomeness you have sent to all of us over the years!
    Thanks to you you have brought me the joy of sharkchucks, ROM SpaceKnight, the complete Batshit insane radness of Squirrel Girl, and the Joy of Because Bob Kanagher!
    I will have to throw a car battery at a thug in your honor!

    And a quote from the ‘Tao of Awesome!’
    ‘Remember in life, take time to savor the bacon that is offered! Do not fear the triglycerides or the cholesterol. Enjoy its crunchy goodness! This moment will not come again!”

  16. A little late, but no less sincere.

    Happy Birthday, Christopher Sims.

    Welcome…TO DIE!