Loving is Half the Battle!



As the die-hard readers among you already know, making comic-inspired valentines is a long-standing tradition around here, and this year, I’m continuing that over at ComicsAlliance with a series of incredibly ill-advised ways to tell your boo how you feel. And this time, because there is nothing–nothing–more romantic than Serpentor, I’ve done up a bunch based on the GI Joe Cartoon!

My favorite is the one at the end (and surprisingly, I wasn’t able to work Destro and the Baroness in, because what can you add to a love so pure?), but the important part here is that I finally had a chance to break out the awesome footlocker full of DVDs that I got a few weeks ago to do this one.

I know I’ve been mentioning it a lot this week, but guys, I totally love my job.

6 thoughts on “Loving is Half the Battle!

  1. Oh man, I was not in mood for that when I clicked the link but that just made my day.
    I’m definitely dedicating a few of those to a paramour or two.

    One of these days I hope to know what it feels like to totally love a job. Or what it feels like to have a job, even.