Movie Fighters vs. Santa Claus: The Movie

Merry Christmas, kids! Hope you like disappointment!Today is St. Nicholas day, and I hope that all of you found candy in your shoes, oranges in your socks, and a heretic to backhand! But really, what better way is there to honor the jolly old saint than by diving right into Santa Claus: The Movie, a theatrical production detailing his origin and adventures, produced by the folks who brought you Supergirl: The Movie?

Well, there’s probably a whole heck of a lot of better ways, because this movie is genuinely, infuriatingly terrible — and you can find out exactly why in the brand-new episode of Movie Fighters! It’s our very first Christmas Special (the first of two that we’re doing this month), and it can be yours for a mere one dollar! Listen in as I go from cheerfully optimistic at the promise of a movie about Santa Claus starring the big Lebowski from The Big Lebowski to being crushed by the reality of a movie that’s actually about elf office politics and Dudley Moore’s puns in record time. Thrill as you find out whether a truly masterful bit of scenery-chewing from John Lithgow is enough to save it (it’s not), and chill as we wonder if Christmas is ruined… forever.

Okay, that last bit doesn’t happen, but we do have fun talking about it for about an hour. Give it a listen!

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