Movie Fighters: Ready To Rumble


There’s no War Rocket Ajax this week, so instead, we’re bringing you MOVIE FIGHTERS a few days early!

This week, Matt and I sit through Ready to Rumble, the David Arquette/Scott Caan/Joe Pantoliano/Diamond Dallas Page/Oliver Platt film that may in fact be directly responsible for the death of WCW. Listen in as I try to defend Arquette but get stymied at every turn by a wrestling movie that seems to hate wrestlers, wrestling fans, and people who want to go see wrestling movies.

Also, we legit almost barf.

PLUS! Grab all five installments of our WrestleMovieMania series (No Holds Barred, 12 Rounds, No Contest, DOOM and Ready to Rumble) all at once, for a mere five bucks! There’s also a bonus episode where we watched a mystifyingly terrible episode of Hulk Hogan’s Rock ‘n’ Wrestling that you can listen to for absolutely free, if you want to sample the show before you buy it!

One more thing! Speaking of War Rocket Ajax, there actually was a new episode last week that I completely forgot to post about. We spoke to Greg Rucka about The Prisoner, the greatest television show in history and the Rosetta Stone for understanding modern comics. Give it a listen, because it is basically the opposite of matt and I talking about Ready to Rumble.