Tarot Gets Flattened



I’ve been waiting to write about this one for almost a month, but ComicsAlliance’s Girl Week has finally given me the chance to throw the spotlight on the upcoming Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose MiniMates! And if you’re curious, you can check out the original video in all its Comic Sans glory, featuring full turnarounds on all four figures, plus the music of Horror Story.

You guys… I am going to buy these things so hard.

7 thoughts on “Tarot Gets Flattened

  1. I’ve been collecting Minimates since they were 3 Inches tall and I still don’t believe these don’t exist. I love Minimates for their diversity, but these are a little bit too diverse for me. Good for the fans of the comic that want them or the people who are looking to reenact their 400 page Deep Space 9/Street Fighter/Rocky/Speed Racer/Platoon/Tarot/Invaders crossover fic.