This is it, folks. The big announcement that I’ve been teasing over the past week: Dracula the Unconquered, an all-new digital ongoing series by me, Steve Downer and Josh Krach! Each issue is going to be a full-color 24-page story for $1, with Dracula and his assistant Thalia traveling all over the world in an all-ages adventure!

You already know me, I hope, and you’ll recognize Josh’s name as the letterer of Awesome Hospital and the writer of Troop Infinity. Steve and I have only worked together a little in the past, he did the colors on Woman of ACTION and the cover of The Hard Ones, and he’s also done coloring work for DC and Boom! Studios. We’ve been wanting to work together for a while, and now we have our chance.

For more information, check out DraculaTheUnconquered.com, and be there when the first full-length issue drops on Halloween!

Spooktoberfest Special: The 1980 Tomb of Dracula Anime is Not Very Good



Did you know there was a Tomb of Dracula animated movie produced in 1980 for Japan? Well, not only do you know that now, but some enterprising soul uploaded the entire thing to YouTube, which means that today at ComicsAlliance, you can watch the entire thing with minute-by-minute commentary from me!

Spoiler Warning: It is not very good, despite the fact that it includes wheelchair swordfights, vampire muggings, zombies, dance clubs, the secret origin of Smurfs, and Dracula chowing down on some hamburgers. You have been warned. SpooooOOOOooookily warned!

Ask Chris #29: Dracula and Alfred Combine To Form… Draculalfred! (Not Really)



It’s once again time for my weekly comics culture Q&A, and I think I speak for everyone when I express my relief that I didn’t write another goddamn monocle-polishingly pretentious essay about True Meanings of comics.

Instead, I make some jokes about Dracula, recap some bat-shit crazy Batman stories from the ’60s, and revive the Ultimate Warrior Rating System! I’m totally doing it 2008 style up in this piece!

If you’ve got a question you’d like to see me tackle in the column, just tag it on Twitter with #AskChris, or shoot an email to comicsalliance at gmail.com with [Ask Chirs] in the subject line!

The X-Men vs. Dracula vs. Twilight: The Mashup You’ve Been Waiting For



I’ve complained an awful lot about Twilight over the past, but never let it be said that I complain without offering a way to make things better. That’s why today at ComicsAlliance, I’m engaging in a little experiment: dropping Marvel Dracula’s thoroughly awesome dialogue into Edward Cullen’s word balloons to see how his romance with Bella could be improved if it was a little more like Dracula’s date with Storm from Uncanny X-Men #159.

The results will not shock you. But they are pretty fun.

This Stuff Sucks: The Worst Vampire Merchandise Ever



Today at ComicsAlliance, I’ve rounded up a gallery of the worst vampire merchandise the Internet has to offer (and one, see above, that is totally rad), and while this might come as a shock, Twilight merch only accounts for 20% of it.

Special thanks for this one goes out to Dave Campbell, Dr. K, Anna and Piers for their help with this one, although since in Anna’s case, “help” meant showing me things that were absolutely terrifying, I’m not sure if “thanks” is the right word. Seriously, though, I couldn’t have done it without them.

As to the contents of the article, the title’s a bit misleading, as it doesn’t have the absolute worst piece of vampire-related ephemera to ever hit shelves, for as all ISB die-hards know, that is an honor that belongs to one thing and one thing only:



Seriously you guys. It’s just the worst.

Dracula Week: Las EnseƱanzas de El Santo



Normally, the ISB offers inspirational (and actual) quotes from the Ultimate Warrior as a public service to our readership so that they can reflect on his words and improve their lives. In honor of Dracula Week, however, we have turned the attention to the famous luchador philosopher El Santo, whose many battles against Dracula and the Vampire Women have become the stuff of legend.