The Abbreviated Week In Ink: July 10, 2008

Right. First things first…



Okay, now that that’s out of the way, about these reviews that I usually do on Thursday nights… I’m just gonna go ahead and not do any this week.

Yeah yeah, I know, but the fact of the matter is that a late comics day always throws me off, so I’m just going to put on my Procrastination Hat and blow it off ’til next week. After all, while I’ve picked up everything from this week…



…I haven’t actually read anything aside from Amazing Spider-Man, which was fun, Captain Britain and MI13, which was awesome, and what I think might actually be the first appearance of Arm Fall-Off Boy of the 21st Century. And really, folks: You can probably just fill in the blanks this time, so let’s just assume that this week’s issue of The Goon was really good and had some parts that were funny and some parts that were scary.

There are, however a couple of things that I wanted to mention.

First up, The Batman Strikes! #47. If you read Rachelle Goguen’s Living Between Wednesdays–and you should, she’s great–then you’ve probably already seen this one, but in this issue, writer and Friend of the ISB Josh Elder, of Mail Order Ninja fame, cast Rachelle, Dave Campbell and Randy Lander as cops in the GCPD. Rachelle’s got the panel up at her blog, and while I’ll admit that she’s got the best job out of the four of us, I would like to point out that while I get to gear up the SWAT team, Campbell pretty much just gets to dial the phone for Jim Gordon.

Long-time readers will no doubt realize that this is a pretty momentous occasion for me, as it means that I am now in-continuity in three–count ’em, threecomics universes, which beats even Access by a good margin.

And no, smart-guy, despite the resemblance, the hefty, unshaven guy on the left isn’t me, it’s Harvey Bullock. Both Phil and my mother assumed otherwise.

This would be because Phil and my mother are jerks.

If your need for fresh Sims content needs something a little more tangible, though, I’d suggest this:



In addition to having a cover and interview featuring ISB Celebrity Crush Blair Butler–as opposed to the last issue, which featured a cover and interview featuring ISB Celebrity Crush Matt Fraction–there are few bits of never-before-seen comedy from yours truly on Page 22 in the time-honored Funny List format.

I’ve mentioned before that I think Tim Leong is doing some great stuff with his magazine, which talks about comics in a way that usually manages to be funny, smart and charming, and I’m glad I could be a part of it, even if it’s brief.

Er, by which I mean that my contribution’s brief–it tops out at a mere 151 words, and spacewise only takes up around 0.39% of the magazine–not that I’m going to be the kiss of death for CF that I was for the late, lamented CRACKED. Man. That went from triumphant to depressing pretty quick.

Probably best to start over. Short version: New issue of Comic Foundry‘s out, it’s good, I wrote something for it, it’s short, Blair Butler’s a Pretty Girl.

Now go read some comics, wouldja?

29 thoughts on “The Abbreviated Week In Ink: July 10, 2008

  1. Thank goodness I wasn’t the only one irked by that “Year 1,000,000” line. For shame, Geoff Johns.

  2. Dang, the Power Pack HC’s out already? I’ll be needing that.

    Also, is “The World Shapers” the Morrison Doctor Who story?

  3. Also, is “The World Shapers” the Morrison Doctor Who story?

    Yep, that’s why I picked it up. Hopefully I won’t be too lost, since I’ve never seen or read anything with the Sixth Doctor.

  4. In all fairness, I did describe you as “sweaty and unshaven” in my script…

    But seriously, you’re a man of many worlds. You’re right up there with all those thinly disguised versions of Mantis that Englehart kept introducing every time he would move on to a new publisher.

    Crisis on Infinite Sims! The blogosphere demands it!

  5. So no ‘Tec this week? I know it’s a Final Crisis tie-in and it features Hush, but it’s still Dini writing, and … well actually that’s all I can really think to recommend it, it’s kind of a muddle and I’m still trying to figure out how the Batman we see in this relates to the one we’re seeing in the Batman title…

    …so all in all, a pretty good call in not picking this one up, Sims. I’ll never doubt you again.

  6. So who is this Blair Butler character from whom I totally didn’t hear about this blog? :-)

  7. Well, see, that’s when DC One Million happened BEFORE, but then Superboy Prime punched reality for a while and Donna Troy went to hang out in space and Mr. Mind ate something and 52 and there’s a new multiverse that isn’t the old multiverse but on some earths it is and… um… what it really boils down to is that continuity is whatever Johns says it is now, so that’s when DC One Million happened.

    You might think it’s sloppy writing, but really it’s the new DC. *rolls eyes*

  8. Well, it’s nice to know that you have the respect of Renee Montoya.

    (Unless you screw up and murder some perp.)

  9. For some reason I confused Squadron Supreme with something I thought was good, that will never happen again.

  10. Okay, I’ve got my supernerd hat on, but they way I figured it, since they got the year right on the cover, and Booster Gold was 25th Century hero running around a 20th Century comic, Peter Platinume is a hero from (and occasionally returning to) the year One MILLION, running around a comic “printed” in the 853rd century.

    (The Legion comics, similarly, took place one thousand years after the other One Million books).

  11. Instead of arguing over what year the comic took place in why don’t we discuss, I dunno, how awesome it was and a totally fitting end to Johns’ rub?

  12. Oh, Chris, you must let us know how you get on with World Shapers. It is notorious in Who fandom for its obsession with fixing up tiny details of continuity from black and white TV stories from the ’60s that don’t even exist in the archive any more.

    The other Morrison story in the collection is much more straightforward.

    And yes, that 1,000,000 thing bugged me, especially seeing as they got it right on the cover, dammit. It also seemed even looser as a tie-in to the old event than the Zero Hour one. But the story was lovely, especially bringing his sister in. I am going to miss Ted terribly though.

    Other than that, is it bad that the most exciting thing for me about this week’s cosmic Marvel two-fer is that they’re both going to tie in to Secret Invasion next month and that means Nova and the Guardians will be in the same place at the same time again?

  13. Was anyone else annoyed by the fact that Kraven capturing Peter’s roommate thinking he was Spider-Man was the exact same plot in Spider-Man: Blue?

  14. Allow me to be the first to present hearty kudos for both the Procrastination Hat and its accompanying Laziness Monocle.

    I’m forced to tip my own cap to you.

    Bravo, sir, bravo…

  15. Was anyone else annoyed by the fact that Kraven capturing Peter’s roommate thinking he was Spider-Man was the exact same plot in Spider-Man: Blue?

    You mean less annoyed than that the rest of the comic was an amalgam of Kraven’s Last Hunt and Daredevil: Born Again?

    Everything old is new again, eh? Really though, I did enjoy ASM. Just found the callbacks to old stories a bit distracting.

  16. I don’t mind it being a callback to Kraven’s Last Hunt, since it’s, you know, a story called Kraven’s First Hunt that introduces a new Kraven.

    It’ll be a little weird if there’s no mention of our old new Kraven, who came back in Punisher War Journal, though.

  17. the magazine came back? I thought it was just the website!

    …I’m part of the problem, aren’t I?

  18. No, not really; the problem was getting distribution. Around here, the only place you could buy it was at Barnes & Noble (or through Previews), and if you weren’t actually looking for it, it was easy to miss.

    There was some great content though, mostly from people named Michael: Mike Nelson from MST3K, Michael Ian Black, Michael Kupperman from Tales Designed to Thrizzle. And then of course there was me, but most of my stuff (except the fake letter column of the Men’s Health parody) was later repackaged and added to the website under the heading “The Cracked Encyclopedia of Film.” You can find it all under the Bonus Content page if you’re interested.

  19. I don’t mind it being a callback to Kraven’s Last Hunt, since it’s, you know, a story called Kraven’s First Hunt that introduces a new Kraven.

    Sure, sure. Whether we need a third Kraven is, I guess, a different discussion altogether. Then again, it’s not like this renew, reuse, recycle bit is new for themed Spidey villains (e.g., symbiotes, goblins, vultures, octopuses, scorpions, etc.).

  20. Maybe Cracked sunk under the weight of too many Mikes?

    While I’m thinking about it…is the Wonder Woman arc still boring for you? I don’t think it is, especially with Nemesis faking being a white ape for a few panels. And Final Crisis: Requiem was rather touching, even if J’onn didn’t deserve to get killed in such an obligatory and undignified manner. Plus side: Batman driving while on fire and on the line with Alfred.

  21. You mean less annoyed than that the rest of the comic was an amalgam of Kraven’s Last Hunt and Daredevil: Born Again? — Rich

    I was particularly annoyed that, after all the (demonic and otherwise) efforts to wipe Spidey’s ID from the collective Marvel U, a schlub knock-off villain figures it out in the space of a few pages.

  22. Steven Says:

    “a totally fitting end to Johns’ rub?”

    That’s an unfortunate typo, right there.

    “Geoff Johns run with happy ending”, as they might say in Bangkok.

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