Your Spidey Super Stories Moment of Joy

And now, the ISB proudly presents the final Spidey Super Stories Moment of Joy. Jim Salicrup’s allegedly educational masterpiece has given us a lot of joy over the past year, from the Thanoscopter to Webby-Two and so many candidates for the greatest panel of all time, but with the final scene from #31, the ISB says goodbye to the greatest comic book ever printed.

I give you… The Star Jaws.









Now cracks a noble heart. Good-night, sweet prince;
And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.
William Shakespeare, Hamlet, Act V, Scene 2

35 thoughts on “Your Spidey Super Stories Moment of Joy

  1. I believe that history will vindicate my theory that Bendis’s characterization of Doom’s dialogue in that infamous Avengers issue derives directly from his reading “Star Jaws” as a child.

    “So long, suckers!” indeed.

  2. Please note that in the background of panel 2, prior to thwarting Doom, Spidey, Moondragon and Quasar busied themselves with a rousing game of tic-tac-toe.

  3. Actually, that’s probably Captain Marvel, isn’t it? Either way, someone’s going to have to move quick to stop that dude still playing from going diagonal “o” on their ass.

  4. … Wait, they put Moondragon in a kids’ comic? In America, the land of Boobs Are Evil?

  5. That is shockingly bad. Really, they must have been ashamed to submit that to the printers?.

    I didn’t know TNT came in cherry-flavour.

  6. Actually, that’s probably Captain Marvel, isn’t it?

    I think its the original Marvel Boy, the one from Agents of A.T.L.A.S. Though in theory I could confirm that by checking older posts on this comic. In theory…

  7. Will, in regards to your comment about the presence of Moondragon in a kids’ comic in the Land of BoobsAreEvil, I can tell you, as someone who was a child throughout the ’70s, that the culture in the US was not quite as puritanical as it became during the Reagan era.

    Part of the rise of cultural conservatism was a backlash against the perceived license and lasciviousness of the sexual revolution.

    As a parent of adolescents who has had to sit in on uncomfortable parents meetings at my children’s schools when they’re about start their sex-ed units, I have to sat that parents my age and younger seem much more uptight about the topic than my contemporaries’ parents were in the late seventies.

  8. I like how they’re playing Tic Tac Toe in the background of the second panel.

  9. It could be Marvel Boy, but it’s more likely to be Marvel Man, the inheritor of the Quantum Bands from Marvel Boy (who went insane and lost control of the bands, blowing himself up in an explosion of cosmic force.) Marvel Man later became Quasar, of course, and I am still waiting for the Essential Quasar, people! Because Wendell Vaughn rocked.

  10. So… where exactly did they get that much TNT?

    For some reason that makes me more curious than how they got TNT to explode in space. Between that and Superfriends I just figured space in the 70s had a lot more air in it than it does now.

  11. Doom’s greatest line of dialog ever:


    My Spidey Super Stories Moment of Joy, I’ll miss you dearly.

  12. “They put the T.N.T. in space.”

    I believe that this is an applicable solution to most of the world’s problems.

  13. Well, and if this comic has taught us anything, we all now know that even if TNT in space doesn’t solve the world’s problems, at least it will still be awesome.

  14. Thank you. Thank you, Spidey Super Stories, for making us laugh at love. Again.

  15. Did you by any chance say hi to Jim Salicrup while you were at HeroesCon Chris? I got a Hulk sketch from him. While not as much pure awesome as Star Jaws, it’s pretty cool.

  16. I think it’s amazing that they managed to stuff that TNT in the small two-meter thermal exhaust port, just below the main port.

    The space background is visible through the maw of the Space Jaws. Would Earth have just passed through it unharmed?

  17. How less oppressed were we in the 1970s about sex? When Deep Throat came out in 1974, some people actually thought it would start a wave of good films depicting actual sex produced by Hollywood that everyone would groove to and become more accepting of sex in society and its variations.

    Yes, we were pretty clueless back then.
    But tell me, why do your comics of today suck so much more than the ones of decades past?

    Why do they try so hard to be “real” and in the process lose all their charm? If I want reality, I’ll go look outside. I want comic books to take me away like they used to to much happier place, or at least a place where I knew the bad guys would get justice in the end, unlike in reality where they get their own book deals.

  18. Give Guardians of the Galaxy a try, chap ;)

    The reason why comics suck today is probably the same as the reason why music was much better ten years ago- the Goggles Of Nostalgia edit out all the crap and preserve the good stuff. Well, that and standards for sales are a bit lower now.

    When the original Marvel Transformers comic was canned it was selling about 500,000 copies a month in the US and 90,000 a fortnight in the UK. The current IDW one sells 20,000 and is considered a strong seller. This is why the world still has Tarot.

  19. And the award for Most British Phrase To Ever Appear On The ISB Goes to…

    “90,000 a fortnight”

    Congratulations, Nick Davidson!

  20. From now on, whenever I have a difficult problem to solve, I’m putting my fingers to my temples and saying “I MUST THINK HARD!”

    I second, third, fourth and fifth the notion that Spidey Super Stories get reprinted.

  21. I think it only works if you’re bald, though.

    Oh, and reprints? That’d be terrific. If the book had just never stopped in the first place, however…

  22. The land of boobs are evil sounds like a terrible place to visit, but conversely a great place to set a comic arc. Anyone?

    I have a theory that that is the real Doom and everyone since the cessation of SSS has been either a doombot, a clone, a time traveler, a skrull or a combination of all five.

  23. The land of boobs are evil sounds like a terrible place to visit, but conversely a great place to set a comic arc.

    Wait for THE HARD ONES #22.

  24. You mean wait for issue #22 of the book that Matt Fraction described as being “too good not to find a home.”? Believe me, I will. Sincerely wishing you good luck and all sucess. You’ve been providing free entertainment for all of us for long enough. I cant wait to wait to buy the trade. ;)

  25. Stop. Making. Me. Laugh. At. Work.

    They will lock me up or block my interwebs. Seriously.