The Periodic Table of Super-Powers



Today on ComicsAlliance, we’ve unveiled my latest love letter to Futura Hv, The Periodic Table of Super-Powers! In which, hopefully, the fact that I said “common and notable” will head off the torrent of “you forgots” reminding me that I didn’t include the power to create escape-proof spirit bottles. Good luck thinking up an abbreviation for that one, kids. (Qz.)

Also, a special thanks goes out to Pal Andrew, who suggested doing the Sub-Legionic powers to parody the Trans-Uranic elements, finally putting his years as a high school chemistry tutor to good use. Thanks, Andrew!

The Science of Batman, Chapter One

In an effort to better understand the world’s greatest vigilante detective, we here at the ISB Institute for Super-Heroic Studies have sunk a good deal of this year’s research budget into distilling and categorizing the varied elements that comprise his identity.

Tonight, the first of our findings.



Further information on the subject can be found in Dr. Miller’s 1987 thesis on the subject, as well as the leading online resource.

The Evolution of Aaron Stack

And now, your Spidey Super Stories/Nextwave Moment of Joy this week: The Evolution of Aaron Stack: Machine Man:


Figure 1:






Figure 2






And Finally, Figure 3:






All things considered, that’s a pretty logical character arc.


Machine Man circa 1979 can be found in Spidey Super Stories #41 (quite possibly the single greatest comic of the 20th century), while Aaron Stack circa 2006 can be found in Warren Ellis and Stuart Immonen’s Nextwave, which is most certainly the greatest comic book of the new Willennium.